BYOD as a Facet of Differentiation [...]

There is a lot said about technology in the schools. Whether it be debates around 1:1 or which device schools should go with. Another part of this discussion is associated with students having choice. This is often represented by the idea of Bring Your Own ... Adding a different perspective to this discussion, Alan Thwaites suggests that this is best seen as an extension of differentiation:

BYOT is just another facet of differentiation. Sure adjustments are needed, but these are less challenging than you might think. There will be no chaos. For teachers, there will be less focus on the technology and more on learning. Like the sound system at a concert, the technology will be present as an enabler, but not the focus. (Source)

This is something that is captured in the work of Mal Lee and Roger Brodie in their work around the Digital Evolution of School

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