Naming, Building, Breaking and Knowing the Web [...]

Martha Burtis summarises her thinking around Domain of One's Own. She splits the discussion into naming, building, breaking and knowing the different things on the web.

For WordPress can serve as an exemplar, a symbol with which our students can grapple as a way towards deeper understanding. The things they learn to do in WordPress are generalizable to other systems and other online spaces: identifying an audience; honing a voice; organizing and architecting an online space; mixing media to create compelling narratives; considering the interplay between design and content; understanding how Web applications work “under the hood” and how databases and scripts interact; adapting sites to consider accessibility and universal design; connecting disparate online spaces so they relate to each other in synthesized whole; adapting a site as it grows and develops in new directions; responding to comments and finding other spaces and sites upon which to comment; learning how search engines rank sites and how those search engine’s algorithms impact the findability of their own site. This list goes on and on, and leads us to a more fundamental conversation about the Web and it’s place within our classrooms, our disciplines, and our culture. (Source)

In part, this continues some of the conversations had in her intervew with Jim Groom in preparation for Domains 17.

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