The Gender Trope [...]

Marten Koomen reflects on the recent sacking of Mark Latham by Sky News as uses it as an opportunity to review the continued gender divide across society. Even though they are just as capable and competent, Koomen highlights the absence of voice at the table.

The ABC’s Insiders exemplifies some broader dynamics.  It shows that journalism is one field where women are as competent as men, yet still lack voice in shaping the social sphere and the debates. This seems not isolated to journalism, as women are often promoted in other fields based on their functional efficiency then ignored in conversations that shape their workplace and society. In this case, Irigaray’s products of exchange as “Mother, virgin, prostitute” could be expanded to include “highly functional robot”.Source

This reminds me of Kate O'Halloran's reflections on the place of gay players within the AFLW.

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