Why ‘A Domain of One’s Own’ Matters [...]

Audrey Watters summarises her thinking around Domain of One'sOwn. She discusses conerns around data, privacy and our knowledge of how the web works.

By providing students and staff with a domain, I think we can start to address this. Students and staff can start to see how digital technologies work – those that underpin the Web and elsewhere. They can think about how these technologies shape the formation of their understanding of the world – how knowledge is formed and shared; how identity is formed and expressed. They can engage with that original purpose of the Web – sharing information and collaborating on knowledge-building endeavors – by doing meaningful work online, in the public, with other scholars. That they have a space of their own online, along with the support and the tools to think about what that can look like. Why 'A Domain of One's Own' Matters (For the Future of Knowledge)

What I think this idea really captures is our need to make the connections between the various elements of the web, whether it be APIs or coding, rather than always accepting the packaged applications that provide the easiest option.

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